CF Ventures, a company engaged in real estate investment properties, selected Chinburg Builders as the construction management firm for the 11-month project, further advancing the company’s focus on offering energy efficient options addressing both retail and housing needs.

The new building that offers commercial retail space on the first floor, office space on the fourth floor and 10 residential apartment units in the second and third levels incorporates the use of spray foam insulation to reduce energy costs and minimize carbon footprint.

In addition, Chinburg Builders has provided high efficiency boilers, low energy lighting, and Energy Star windows and fixtures and air conditioning and a passenger elevator all combined to offer environmentally friendly housing and retail options for the Town of Durham.

Chinburg Builders senior project manager Geoff Spitzer said that by forming an elite construction team, including designers and engineers combined with construction management expertise, Chinburg Builders is able to provide low-energy, high-efficiency housing and retail space for Durham community.