China General Nuclear Power Corp (CGN) said on 19 May that it would not compete with rival China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) for business in the same overseas markets. The two companies are hoping export their co-developed Hualong One nuclear reactor. CGN will focus on customers in Europe and avoid markets where CNNC is active, such as South America, according to CGN spokesman Huang Xiaofei. Although the companies have merged their nuclear technologies into Hualong One, China’s main export model, they separately market the design overseas, Huang said. The companies build similar, but not identical, versions of the Hualong One and will maintain much of their own supply chains, according to the World Nuclear Association. They also established a joint-venture in March to integrate the technology.

CGN and Electricite de France signed an accord in October to build three reactors in the UK, including the Hinkley Point C NPP and a Chinese-developed reactor at the Bradwell NPP. CGN also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kenyan government in September on the potential construction of a Hualong One reactor, while CNNC has projects in Argentina and Pakistan. China plans to export about 30 nuclear units by 2030, CNNC chairman Sun Qin said in March, according to China Daily.