Guangdong Pumped Storage Co is to receive an order for 8 x 306MW reversible pump-turbine/motor-generator units, to be installed at the Huizou pumped storage power station, located in China’s southern Guangdong province.

Bailianhe Pumped Storage Co has signed a contract for a smaller order of 4 x 306MW units for the Bailianhe power station in central Hubei province, while the State Grid Henan Baoquan Pumped Storage Co has ordered 4 x 306MW units for the underground power house of the Baoquan power station located on the Yuhe river in central Henan province.

All three contracts cover the design, manufacture, transport, supervision of building and commissioning of the units, associated auxiliaries, electrical BOP and control systems, with commissioning scheduled at intervals from 2007-2011.

Under a fourth contract, Alstom is to transfer design and manufacturing technology of single stage reversible pump turbine and motor-generator to Harbin Electrical Machinery Co and Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co. Together, the four contracts are valued at over US$442M.