ChevronTexaco has revealed that it will launch its new 'cleaner' auto fuel technology, Techron, throughout the Americas this summer. Techron will be introduced at ChevronTexaco-supplied Texaco service stations in the US and at many Texaco service stations throughout Latin America in the coming months.

Subsequent phased launches of gasolines with Techron in certain markets for the Caltex brand in Asia, Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, Pakistan and the Texaco brand in Europe and Western Africa are scheduled to take place in 2006.

Techron, which helps prevent deposit build-up on vital engine parts that can adversely impact vehicle performance and emissions, will be included in all gasoline grades.

The Techron global launch follows the qualification of all Chevron gasolines as the first in the US and Canada to be designated as meeting performance criteria set by automakers BMW, General Motors, Honda and Toyota for TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline without changing formulation.

Techron provides the key ingredient that differentiates ChevronTexaco gasolines from other branded gasolines in the marketplace, Danny Roden, vice president for North America marketing for ChevronTexaco, said when explaining the importance of the new product.