The Regulatory Roadmap is the new component of CEPA’s about pipelines program, which sheds light on the complexities of pipeline regulation in Canada.

CEPA noted that the pipeline regulators in Canada are in the midst of a series of important hearings and decision processes about applications to build new pipelines or alter operations of existing pipelines.

To address common questions Canadians have about the pipeline industry, The Regulatory Roadmap takes a Q&A-style approach, according to CEPA.

To explain the regulatory framework in Canada and how it protects the public and the environment, the multi-media program combines text, animations, videos, and illustrations.

CEPA president and CEO Brenda Kenny said the organisation is well positioned to provide information to help Canadians understand how robust the regulatory environment is for transmission pipelines in Canada.

"We encourage strong, independent regulatory oversight of our industry, which will provide further assurance to Canadians that our member companies are committed to continually improving pipeline safety," Kenny added.