One of the orders requires CCA to supply its selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) technology, including CFD modeling, SNCR design and fabrication, integrated controls and ammonia slip monitoring for a chemical facility in the US firing a variety of liquid and gaseous waste fuels.

The second SNCR order is for a demonstration project on a biomass fired CFB boiler where CCA will also provide design engineering services and hardware to resolve selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst fouling.

CCA will also supply its SCR systems, which will use CCA’s TRIM-NOX PLC controlled injection system and airless injector to insert non-toxic urea into the engine exhaust to reduce NOX emissions across a catalyst by up to 90% for diesel engines at a hospital and a new bio-fuel production facility.

Additionally, CCA has secured contracts to supply new multi-fuel and waste heat burners for a boiler providing process steam at a new plant to convert dryer to propane, and to design a package burner for firing gaseous and liquid biofuels and fuel oil.

Finally, a burner/combustion optimization order covers burner modifications and combustion tempering for a T-fired steam boiler at a European chemical plant.

CCA president R Broderick said that these orders reflect CCA’s ability to provide customized, flexible and low-cost solutions in various markets around the world.