Capstone distributor Cogeneracion Navitas, headquartered in Mexico, secured the order for the C800 and Clean Cycle package.

The C800 and Clean Cycle unit, which will be commissioned in late January, was purchased by the manufacturer to lower carbon emissions from the 50,000sq ft food plant.

At the plant, the C800 and Clean Cycle unit will serve as base-load power connected to the grid, with the remaining power supplied by the grid.

Capstone is the original equipment manufacturer partner with Calnetix Power Solutions to sell the zero emission Clean Cycle waste heat recovery generator for all microturbine applications and for landfill applications below 500kW.

Capstone Sales and Marketing executive vice president Jim Crouse said that the efficiency of the combined Capstone/GE energy system is very high, which will reduce the carbon footprint of the plant and its overall energy cost.