The end use customer, Consolidated Contractors Energy Development (CCED), chose Capstone microturbines because of their perfect fit in flare gas to power roles. Capstone microturbines can run on various fuels, including associated gas or flare gas.

This gas is a byproduct of the oil extraction process that is often burned off, or flared. The Capstone microturbines utilize this gas to generate clean and green power for their operations. Instead of wasting this free fuel, CCED has simultaneously improved operational efficiency and reduced operational costs by utilizing this associated gas. They have also eliminated the need to truck diesel out to the middle of the desert, further reducing their costs.

Additionally, Capstone microturbines have the added benefits of their reliable and rugged design, low emissions, and low maintenance cost. Deployed in the middle of the desert, CCED required a solution that could withstand the harsh and isolated environment with minimal maintenance, ensuring their operations remain functional. With longer maintenance intervals than its competitors and no need for lubricants or coolants, Capstone microturbines were the perfect fit.

The order, consisting of two Capstone C65 High Pressure Natural Gas (HPNG) microturbines, was secured by PipeLine Supply Company, Capstone’s exclusive distributor for Oman and Qatar.

According to Shanly George, General Manager of Pipeline Supply Company, "CCED is a dynamic young oil company which is on an aggressive growth path in developing their oilfield concession area in Oman. CCED was quick in recognizing the wisdom in using a wasted resource, i.e. associated gas, to generate power instead of flaring it. Based on the successful installation, commissioning, and evaluation of the Capstone microturbine units, CCED will decide on their future course of action with regards to more widespread use of stranded gas for power generation."

Jim Crouse, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Capstone, added, "Flaring of associated gas is significant in this region. We are excited about this order as it will allow us to showcase Capstone technology and allow our distributor to get a foothold in the emerging flare gas market in the Middle East."