Canada Carbon has started the initial purification process testing of the graphite material from Miller mine.

Approximately 50kg of graphite material was transferred to SGS Minerals Services for optimization of their upgrading and purification processes.

The work is expected will lead to the design criteria for the flotation pilot plant that is likely to run during the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Canada Carbon aims to test out various treatment and purification methods which allows a small scale mining operation to produce high quality concentrate for high end applications.

SGS Hydrometallurgical Group manager Stephen Mackie said, "Preliminary results indicated that the Canada Carbon graphite concentrate responded well to our standard upgrading process, where a high purity graphite sample (>99%) is produced by the first purification step and further upgrading is realized after the final stage."

Canada Carbon executive chairman and CEO Bruce Duncan said that the Quebec Ministry has authorized the company to move forward with pilot plant scale testing of this uniquely high-purity graphite deposit.

"We are excited to be able to generate additional data in support of graphite mining at the Miller Mine, and look forward to reporting the results to our shareholders and to the applicable government agencies," Duncan added.