Camborne Energy Storage is installing grid-scale Tesla battery powerpacks for the first time in Europe at a ground-mounted solar PV site in Somerset, UK.

The project intends to demonstrate grid balancing and help to increase co-located energy systems across the UK.

The combined solar and battery installation will be capable of powering more than 500 homes.

The powerpacks, which are being installed by EPC Poweri Services, have been produced specifically to operate and integrate with the solar PV site. It will optimize the existing assets and offer services to National Grid.

Camborne managing director Dan Taylor said: “The development of Tesla’s first European grid-tied system is an exciting step forward for Camborne and Tesla in terms of our respective storage strategies.

“This project is another success for storage development in the UK and being co-located with a renewable generation site, should offer significant benefits to all stakeholders.”

Tesla’s Powerpacks are modular in nature and can be scaled up and down depending on space, power and energy requirements. This makes it ideal for use for storing energy at commercial or industrial levels.

Camborne has more than 100 MWh of energy storage projects in the UK in planning.

The company has entered into an exclusivity agreement with a major UK landowner, with land to be used specifically for energy storage.