Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has invited proposals for the turnkey design and construction of the Gomal Zam dam project in Balochistan. The project will be located on the Gomal river and should take four years to construct.

A feasibility study carried out for WAPDA concludes that the project should comprise a curved, 133m high, roller compacted concrete gravity dam with a radius of 150m. A spillway is to be built on the middle part of the dam, initially with four bays, four long chutes and flip buckets. Maximum capacity of the spillway will be 433m3/sec. A 2.2x3m bottom outlet opening, with a discharge capacity of 250m3/sec, will be placed at 29.9m above the river bed. A 17.4MW power house will be situated in a cavern 18m high, 9m wide and 37m long.

Interested firms should contact the chief engineer at WAPDA on +92 42 920 2797, fax: +92 42 920 2798. The closing date is 22 July, 2001.