California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has pledged that the state would use more solar power to meet its long-term renewable energy and climate change goals. In 2008, the state installed twice the capacity of solar power than in 2007. After the implementation of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) on January 1, 2007, the state has witnessed an increase in the private investment in solar projects by $5 billion.

Till date, the CSI has paid or reserved nearly $775 million in incentives for total estimated project costs of over $5 billion.

Our vision of solar panels lining the rooftops of houses and businesses across California is becoming a reality, said Schwarzenegger.

I’m encouraged to see that even in these difficult financial times we are breaking solar installation records and spurring private investment in solar projects, Schwarzenegger added.

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) is helping to make solar power possible for hundreds of thousands of Californians – saving people money on their electricity bills while helping us meet our long-term renewable energy and climate change goals, Schwarzenegger, said.

The CSI was first planned in 2004 when the governor expanded state support for solar power and announced the Million Solar Roofs Program.