Brittmore, a US-based supplier of structural balance-of-system components and automated installation solutions for large scale PV power plant construction, has completed a 30KW demonstration site in Lodi, California.

The Brittmore System features WaveRack fixed tilt ground mount, pre-panelized PV modules, and automated large-panel PV shuttles. The WaveRack is said to be an economical fixed tilt rack designed for rapid and efficient assembly.

Panelization of the frameless c-Si modules was performed using Dow Corning construction adhesive technology.

Dow Corning Global Solar Marketing manager Axel H. Giesecke, commenting on the pilot solar site, said that the adhesive-based back rail panelization reduces cost or utility scale PV considerably, but the installation of large-panel assemblies has required large equipment and lacked efficiency until now.

"The Brittmore System appears to have resolved these issues through their innovative automated installation method using a small robot," added Giesecke.

BTA Solar was responsible for the installations at the site, which will be a pilot for a forthcoming large-scale solar project in the country.