British Gas Business, the gas and electricity supplier and energy efficiency advisor, is offering CRC Manager service under its Energy360 offerings, which is designed to help organizations achieve CRC compliance and optimize their position in the league table.

According to British Gas Business, the service helps organizations to receive expert CRC advice as and when required, realize cost and time savings, while avoiding administrative hassles.

The company claims that CRC Manager will do all the legwork required to help fulfill an organization’s CRC compliance across every aspect such as preparation, compliance and optimization.

It allows the client to select from the range of services that it offers. The CRC Impact Report provides an assessment to highlight a firm’s exposure to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

The company also offers assistance with completing CRC registration, working with the firm to ensure full compliance for each CRC year, and provides the full range of Energy360 services to support in planning and implementing carbon reductions.

According to the company, CRC Manager can assess a firm’s UK structure and find out if it qualifies for the scheme, ensure all its emissions are captured for its footprint and annual report, and monitor the firm’s carbon emissions throughout the year.

It can also collect and record all emissions data in an evidence pack and support the organization through audits. It can forecast annual carbon emissions for a business, create or refine a carbon and energy strategy, and provide recommendations on how to reduce energy and carbon usage, while helping to implement them.

As a result, it will help the organization avoid unnecessary penalties such as those that would apply if it fails to register or keep accurate data, the company said.

Energy360 is a complete suite of products and services from British Gas Business that helps energy managers in various organizations to reduce energy costs, comply with new energy legislation, and achieve environmental responsibility targets.

The carbon reduction commitment (CRC) is the UK’s first mandatory carbon trading scheme. It requires both public and private organizations with half-hourly metered energy to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in order to achieve carbon emissions reduction targets set out in the Climate Change Act of 2008.

Specifically, businesses that consumed over 6,000MWh of half-hourly metered electricity between January 2008 and December 2008 will need to register for the CRC scheme. This equates to an electricity spend of approximately GBP500,000 per year.