Till date, Brigham has completed 21 consecutive long lateral high frac stage wells at an average early 24 hour peak flow back rate of 2,543 barrels of oil equivalent.

Brigham has said that the completion of its operated Abelmann state, Mortenson and Arnson at early 24 hour peak flow back rates of 3,301 (2,844bopd and 2.74mmcf/d), 2,314 (1,924bopd and 2.34mmcf/d) and 1,339 (1,181bopd and 0.95mmcf/d) barrels of oil respectively.

All of the wells are located in Brigham’s Rough Rider project area with the Abelmann state located in McKenzie county, North Dakota and the Mortenson and the Arnson located in Williams county, North Dakota.

Brigham maintains an approximate 64% working interest in the Abelmann state, which was completed with 31 frac stages. Brigham maintains an approximate 77% working interest in the Mortenson, which was completed with 23 frac stages. Finally, Brigham maintains an approximate 93% working interest in the Arnson, which was completed with 30 frac stages.

Brigham’s development of its core operated acreage in Williams, McKenzie and Mountrail counties is proceeding with three operated rigs drilling in its Rough Rider project area and one operated rig drilling in its Ross project area.

In addition, one well is fracing and three wells are waiting on completion. The well currently fracing, the Jack Cvancara 19-18 #1H, is located in Ross approximately 1 mile from the 27 frac stage Sorenson 29-32 #1H, and will be completed with 36 frac stages.

The Sorenson, which holds the record for an apparent early 24 hour peak rate for a Bakken well in the Williston Basin, produced approximately 52,500 barrels of oil equivalent during its first 26 days of production, or an average of approximately 2,019 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Brigham maintains an approximate 83% working interest in the Jack Cvancara. Acceleration of Brigham’s operated activity is also proceeding as planned with the fifth operated rig expected to spud the Michael Owan 26-35 #1H in Rough Rider next week.