Bookham, Inc. (Bookham) will introduce three new optomechanics product lines from the New Focus brand at Photonics West in January 2009. The products to display are new ultra-high vacuum (10 -9 torr) linear stages, an open frame CE-mount (Clear Edge) and an open cage system. The ultra-high vacuum linear stages are for advanced light source research applications in demanding environments. An open cage system allows constructing virtually any optical configuration based on standard optical mount.

An open frame CE-mount is available in 1 inch and ½ inch variants, configurable for both left and right usage, with no loss of stability.

The products continue to expand the company’s catalog offering for advanced semiconductor, life science, industrial, and scientific research markets.

“With these new products we are not only continuing to innovate, we are also meeting customer demand for an even more complete offering,” said Erwin Vergeest, Product Line Manager for New Focus products. “Developments such as the CE-Mount for left or right hand use and the optical cage system offer our customers flexible products as well as significant cost saving on inventory, which is a crucial factor in scientific research.

“We look forward to engaging with our customers at Photonics West and demonstrating our advanced capabilities.”