Under this project, Bluestone has installed energy efficient LED lights with up to 50,000 hours of life per light throughout the hotel and a new chiller with frictionless oil free compressors and shafts that levitate in air magnetically, eliminating bearing friction and oil requirements.

In addition, Bluestone has installed a new Building Automation Control System to monitor the hotel’s infrastructure in real time, allowing management to detect problems and adjust cooling to enhance efficiency through internet-enabled distributed architecture.

The energy efficiency upgrade further included replacement of the standard efficiency fan coil motors in the guest room air conditioning units with electronically commutated brushless motors whose speed can be controlled based on room temperature requirements.

The Energy efficiency project, which is expected to help the Colonnade Hotel cut 30% of its energy usage and save $295,000 per year, has qualified for incentives worth over $460,000 from NSTAR, a Massachusetts-based electric and gas utility.

The Colonnade Hotel director of property operations Keith Anderson said that the management is pleased with the energy efficiency upgrade that Bluestone Energy implemented at The Colonnade Hotel.

“Not only did Bluestone help us meet our sustainability goals, but they were able to do it cost effectively and secure the hotel a significant incentive from NSTAR, all while providing us with a two year payback,” Anderson said.