The program is part of Bluebonnet’s larger initiative to use new smart grid technologies to network homes and businesses across 14 Central Texas counties. Silver Spring said that its Smart Energy Platform will allow Bluebonnet to empower members with more information to help manage their energy use and save money. The program will also help Bluebonnet maintain competitive electricity rates and continue to deliver reliable service to its membership.

Scott Lang, chairman, president and CEO of Silver Spring, said: ”We’re proud to be working with the progressive management team at Bluebonnet Electric to move them closer to their goal of building sustainable communities that have a net zero impact on the Texas state energy grid.

“By deploying our energy awareness and demand response solutions, Bluebonnet will empower its membership with one of the key benefits of an intelligent energy grid – greater control over their energy use and bills.”

In support of Bluebonnet’s efforts, Silver Spring will provide its smart energy platform, comprised of an IP network, smart grid applications and network administration software. Silver Spring said that the network platform supports the use of multiple transport technologies to address the coverage challenges of Bluebonnet’s rural service territory.

In addition, Silver Spring will host Bluebonnet’s smart grid applications via Software as a Service (SaaS) to speed implementation and lower costs. The network administration software allows for over-the-air device configuration, upgrades and management. Roll out is slated to begin this year.

Mark Rose, CEO of Bluebonnet, said: ”Silver Spring’s Smart Grid platform offers an efficient and effective communications network for our rural service territory, meeting a unique challenge for a utility like ours. We know our members don’t want to be surprised by their energy bills. This initiative and our partnership with Silver Spring are critical to empowering our members to conserve energy and lower their bills.”