Blu | Origins are eco-friendly and fun and are designed for commercial and residential use as offices, dressing rooms, yoga, exercise or art studios, at-home offices or in-law apartments and small is beautiful homes.

According to the company, Blu Homes’ folding technology allows the Origin line to be larger and more spacious than any other off-site constructed buildings, with widths of 17-20 feet. Typically, Origins can be affordably shipped anywhere in the country in a week and installed in a matter of days on site.

Blu | Origins can include a variety of floor plans and feature a unique combination of healthy and green design features: Open, spacious layouts; New 17 – 21′ room widths & 9 – 14′ sunny ceilings; Efficient layout optimizes live/play/work space; Abundant windows & lots of natural light; Gleaming, renewable bamboo floors; Modern organic resin panels provide privacy & natural light; Smooth & durable recycled paper countertops; Stainless steel energy-star appliances; Low flow fixtures for water efficiency; Streamlined cedar v-groove & durable cement board siding; Contemporary recessed or track lighting; No or low VOC paints & finishes; Foam insulation for noise-free & energy efficient space; High efficiency, low-noise HVAC; Fun hybrid or electric car plug-ins; High-tech energy monitoring system; Outdoor showers; Rainwater collection and storage; Optional composting spaces; Solar hot water and photovoltaic-ready roofs; New foundation minimizes excavation.

“The Blu | Origins launch delivers a unique solution for commercial and residential customers looking for a beautiful space without the headaches of traditional construction,” said Bill Haney, founder and president of Blu Homes. “By using proprietary design tools and building in our own factory, we can make it easier and more affordable for customers to get the benefits of a leading design in a convenient, comfortable way.”

“Because we have a unique technological approach to home building, we were able to affordably ship four buildings to Hollywood from Massachusetts in a matter of days each,” said Trevor Huffard, vice president of operations for Blu Homes. “Because the buildings were manufactured off-site, It only took our skilled crew a few days to unfold and finish each building on site, so the customer experience was relatively pain free.”