Black Oak Minerals advises that mining has commenced at its recently acquired Manuka Silver Project. Mining is proceeding under a dry ‐ hire arrangement with our own employees manning the fleet.

Mined ore is being added to current stockpiles for processing once commissioning of the new ball mill and associated plant improvements are complete. Silver production is due to start in the coming weeks.

The plant upgrade, involving installation of a larger 1500kW ball mill to address production issues experienced by the previous owner, has gone smoothly.

This has enabled several process and productivity improvements that had been earmarked for post – commissioning to be brought forward. This includes converting the plant from Carbon – In – Pulp (CIP) to Carbon – In – Leach (CIL) to improve silver recovery.

Mining will continue for six months during which time we will begin mining at our nearby Mt Boppy Gold Project with the Mt Boppy gold ore to be delivered for processing through the upgraded Manuka plant.