BAL aims to further develop its technology that creates low cost and renewable advanced biofuels from sustainably grown native seaweed, Macrocystis pyrifera.

The facility, expected to be operational in next year, will allow the company to demonstrate a complete value chain from feedstock cultivation to advanced biofuel production in the Los Lagos region of Chile.

Through public-private partnerships with InnovaChile Chilean Economic Development Agency and the Universidad de Los Lagos, BAL is developing technologies that can contribute to sustainable domestic energy in Chile and elsewhere in the world.

Through its core competency in synthetic biology, BAL has engineered a technology platform that is capable of metabolizing the sugars in seaweed to deliver fermentable sugars more competitive with conventional sugar sources.

The experimental pilot facility will host milling equipment, fermenters, and bioreactors, and will allow BAL to take its technology to the next level of scale.