Canadian utility BC Hydro has signed a power purchase agreement with Miller Creek Power Limited (MCPL). MPCL proposes to develop a 25MW, run-of- river hydro project to be built near Pemberton in British Columbia, Canada. As part of its integrated electricity plan, BC Hydro, a provincially owned utility, is committed to meeting up to 10% of its load growth with green energy resources over the next few years.

The MCPL project will provide approximately 100GWh of energy each year, enough to meet the annual needs of about 10,000 residential customers. The development includes two water intakes, an underground water pipeline, a small power house, a 2.5km power line and road access. The project will be located approximately 5km northwest of Pemberton, and about 125km north of Vancouver in British Columbia.

The construction of the project is planned to start in spring 2001 and should begin generating electricity in spring 2003.