Coal producer America West Resources (AWSR) has completed the mine development and commenced full production at Horizon Coal Mine in Utah, US.

The company has implemented a mine development strategy utilizing room and pillar mining approach for excavating deposits from the 1,640 acre mining leasehold estimated to have more than 16 million recoverable tons of thermal coal reserves.

Five interconnected tunnels each 20 feet wide were created in the coal seam during the mine development stage, which was carried over three years.

The development also included the installation of electrical, water supply, shuttle car and conveyor belt systems to support full production.

The company expects coal production at an average of 60,000 tons monthly.

Also the company is expected to deploy a third continuous miner in the second half of 2011, which is expected to increase coal production to more than 90,000 tons or over one million tons per year.

John Thomas Financial provided financial assistance for the the company achieve its full production initiative.