1E, a software and services company based in the UK, has secured a contract from Aviva, an insurance group, to provide its PC power management tool NightWatchman to cut Aviva’s energy costs and drive out energy waste.

Under this contract, 1E will deploy the NightWatchman PC power management systems across Aviva’s UK estate of approximately 30,000 PCs, thereby enabling Aviva eliminate waste and reduce energy usage.

1E has secured this contract following trials conducted by 1E and Aviva on 856 PCs during a two week period in May 2010 that estimate the project to prevent the equivalent annual CO2 emissions of 500 cars from entering the atmosphere, enabling Aviva to address the issue of climate change.

Since its inception, NightWatchman is claimed to have been installed on 4.6 million PCs and is estimated to have saved its customers GBP350m in energy costs alone.

1E CEO Sumir Karayi said that 1E is committed to driving IT efficiencies and reducing the overall cost of IT for its customers and is thrilled to have been selected by Aviva and to see that such significant energy savings are being made possible by its system.