Kazakhstan-based engineering and system integration services provider Avencom has selected QinetiQ’s company Optasense to provide its Distributed Acoustic Sensing services.

Under the new agreement, Optasense will provide its new Four-Mode leak detection system for Avencom’s oil and gas customers in Kazakhstan.

OptaSense MD Magnus McEwen-King said the technology will help companies reduce operating costs and minimize environmental issues.

"Avencom have been able to develop and train highly skilled technical operators who can install, operate and maintain our fibre sensing technology," McEwen-King added.

Optasense deployed Distributed Acoustic Sensing converts standard fibre optic cable into thousands of virtual microphones along its length to help operators listen for third party intrusion (pipelines) and detect or even prevent leaks in pipelines before they occur.

The new Four-Mode leak detection software allows customers to monitor negative pressure wave monitoring for rupture events, acoustic signature recognition of high pressure leaks, and fast Distributed Temperature Gradient Sensing.

It also helps in ground heave strain monitoring into a single platform, providing a comprehensive leak detection system.