“Micro controlled systems are increasingly used in automotive position sensing applications. In most of these systems, the microcontroller capacity is only partly used. The AS5215 has been specifically developed to provide a position sensing solution which leverages on this fact, and allows our customers to design the most cost efficient systems”, says Andreas Pfingstl, product manager automotive encoders at austriamicrosystems. “The AS5215 can be easily implemented in existing system architectures, providing high reliable contactless angle measurements, without a need to replace or modify proven electronic control units.”

Due to its selectable output mode signals, raw, inverted or DC-referenced, the AS5215 can fit a variety of conventional motion sensing systems which require measurement redundancy for safety reasons.

Based on austriamicrosystems’ patented stacked-die solution, the dual die AS5215 provides phase matching and very low sensitivity drift over the full ambient temperature range of -40°C to +150°C.

A single die rotary encoder IC version, AS5115, in a SSOP 16 package, will be available in October 2009.