Electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles represent a rapidly growing market with projections of more than a million vehicles by 2017 and an astounding 10 million by 2020 according to a variety of research surveys on the market. Most of these vehicles come with a 110V, level 1 charging station that plugs into standard wall receptacles. While these level 1 chargers can be suitable in some cases, they are very slow and can take over 20 hours to charge a pure battery electric vehicle. Consumers are looking for faster and more effective charging options.

Audiovox has partnered with Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy efficiency solutions, to deliver a turnkey offer that includes the EVlink charging hardware, installation and extended warranty to support Audiovox’s vast expeditor and car dealer network. Using the 30A EVlink charging station, electric vehicle drivers will be able to charge an electric vehicle up to five times faster than a standard level 1 charger.

"Our Advent product team has been known for its ability to deliver new and unique products and profit opportunities to our car dealer distribution partners," said Tom Malone, President of Audiovox Electronics Corporation.

"EVlink gives the car dealer a new accessory product in a new category that not only fills a consumer need but also translates into new profits."

EVlink requires professional installation by a licensed electrician. The turnkey solution from Audiovox and Schneider Electric provides a streamlined process to accomplish just that. InstallerNet is a delivery partner and will implement the field installations. All the dealer has to do is sell the EVlink hardware and installation at the time of vehicle sale; they can bundle the cost into the vehicle financing which makes the sale even easier. The dealer then connects the consumer with the installation team to set up the install at their convenience. Audiovox is even providing an extended 60 month warranty with a certified installation. Units sold without the certified installation will carry a 24 month warranty.

The EVlink charger can be easily mounted on a stud, drywall or masonry wall in the garage. The flexible design allows mounting of the charger and cable holder in a way that saves space and maximizes convenience.

Consumers can even customize the ‘skin’ on the charger cover with family photos or cool designs. There is broad electric vehicle compatibility so the system works with virtually any electric vehicle.

Malone concluded, "We believe this untapped market will represent significant additional sales and profits to our car dealer partners and believe it will grow in step with the projected electric vehicle market."