German IT services company Atos Worldline has announced that it will be processing a new payment card for Landesbank Berlin - a combined debit and credit card, the first on the German market.

The card will combine MasterCard’s credit facility with its debit brand Maestro, and also allows cardholders to earn Air Berlin top bonus air miles through Maestro’s extended acceptance.

Atos Worldline and Landesbank Berlin have been partners on various projects over the last 16 years. Currently, Atos Worldline is responsible for the payment processing of the Air Berlin MasterCard top bonus card. This new program extends the business relationship for a further five years.

Peter Vesco of Atos Worldline said: With the processing of combined debit and credit card program, this is the first time it is possible to implement card programs with widespread acceptance.

The new combined card is dealt with in the same way as an ordinary credit card. In this way typical credit card payment functions such as charge credit and revolving credit can also be used for debit cards. At the same time typical debit card uses, such as cash payment and transfers, remain unchanged.