An Atomic Energy Information Centre (AEIC) has been inaugurated in Astana, Kazakhstan, with financial support from Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom within the framework of memorandum signed in September 2014 by Rosatom and national atomic company Kazatomprom.

The centre will promote nuclear energy and modern nuclear technologies in Kazakhstan. Its activities are not-for-profit, and visits and educational events are free of charge.

Also in early December Rosatom-International Network (RIN) and national company Kazakhstan Engineering signed a memorandum of mutual understanding and strategic cooperation. RIN said the parties plan to cooperate in making "equipment for nuclear and thermal power, gas and petrochemistry, as well supplying the market in Kazakhstan and third countries." NC Kazakhstan Engineering is a holding incorporating 24 industrial enterprises. The company provides for uniform financial, production and technology policy at major military enterprises.

Rosatom is expecting to sign an agreement with Kazakhstan to build a nuclear power plant in the republic and both sides have discussed many questions on this subject, said RIN president Alexander Merten. Russia and Kazakhstan in September 2014 endorsed a draft inter-governmental agreement on cooperation in the construction and operation of nuclear plants in Kazakhstan. Two promising sites for the construction of an plant have been short-listed near the town of Kurchatov (East Kazakhstan region) and south-west of Lake Balkhash.

"If such an agreement is signed, Rosatom will be fully working on this project in terms of design and construction, as well as the production of nuclear island equipment," Merten added. This would include significant of localisation of production of equipment for nuclear power plants and construction and installation work. "The work will be conducted by local experts and companies. It makes no sense to bring them from Russia."