The latest upgrade include addition of FOPS/ROPS approved cabin, which is said to offer comfortable working environment with air conditioning, spacious foot box and a low noise.

Atlas Copco product manager Franck Boudreault said: "The working environment for operators becomes more and more important to our customers.

"This new cabin is a result of a close dialogue with different mining companies."

Scooptram ST7LP is a 6.8 ton-capacity loader primarily used in narrow vein mining.

The 8.5m-long loader is designed for back heights as low as 1.6m and has a short power frame and a long wheel base, RCS control system and traction control system.

Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation, a division within Atlas Copco’s Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business, is engaged in developing various tunneling and mining equipment for underground applications.

Image: The Scooptram ST7LP is the only low profile loader on the market in the 7-tonne segment offering the protection of a cabin. Photo: courtesy of Atlas Copco AB.