A $19 million grant, if awarded by DOE, would represent 50% of the total project spend, which is the maximum possible under the program.

“Every dollar we obtain from the federal government offsets the cost customers would otherwise pay to make these important improvements to the system, which are designed to enable customers to reduce their energy use and costs, improve reliability and create a cleaner environment,” said Atlantic City Electric Region President Vincent Maione. “The funds also will allow us to do our part to jump start the local New Jersey economy and help the state meet its energy goals.”

Distribution automation technology enhances the reliability of the electric system, so Atlantic City Electric will be better able to manage the flow of power and, when the flow is interrupted, restore service more quickly and safely.

Direct load control equipment gives the utility the ability to temporarily cycle on and off air conditioning equipment during times of peak demand for customers who volunteer to participate in the program. This helps to reduce overall usage, keep energy costs down and preserve the integrity of the electric system during critical load consumption periods.

Atlantic City Electric is a US-based public utility owned by Pepco Holdings, Inc.