Genovation Cars, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has contracted Astek, a developer of electronic components and control system for automotive industry, to design vehicle management systems for Genovation's line of electric automobiles.

Under this contract, Astek will develop electronic management system for Genovation’s electric automobiles, enabling the car to communicate safety and security to the driver, and coordinating all operational functions of the automobile.

Genovation also plans to build an electric sports car G-Vette and has chosen Tata Technologies, Dana and Metalsa to design and prototype Genovation’s G2 model and American Dynamics Flight Systems to perform the Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis of the car.

Genovation plans to make a strong foothold in the market by anticipating and catering to the needs of its clientele; be it the suburban family concerned about spikes in the future cost of gas, green-conscious state/local government agencies, or corporations desiring a fleet of green electric cars.

Genovation CEO Andrew Saul said that the company is very pleased to be working with Astek to design the electrical and computer functionality of its cars as Astek has an expertise and a track record with this type of project that is unparalleled in the industry.