Contributing to the ongoing supermarket petrol price war, Wal-Mart owned UK supermarket Asda has announced another fuel price cut across its petrol stations in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as a further discount for Asda credit card holders.

Asda’s new national fuel prices see unleaded petrol drop to 85.9 pence per liter and diesel fall to 91.9 pence per liter. The prices have been reduced to the same level across all of the supermarket’s 167 forecourts, allowing customers to pay the same amount irrespective of where they live or how much local competitors are charging.

These price cuts come just days after another price drop and knock a further two pence per liter off the cost of unleaded petrol. This latest reduction also sees unleaded petrol pump prices drop to their lowest since November 2005.

Unleaded has now fallen by 12 pence per liter since the beginning of August and by 50 pence per gallon since the start of the year. Asda said that such significant decreases in petrol costs, supported by lower crude oil prices, enable the retailer to pass cost savings on to its customers.

On top of the price reduction, all Asda credit and store cardholders are currently entitled to a further two pence per liter fuel discount when paying with their card.