Under the MoU, Areva and FNEG will work together on the site selection and initial development of a nominal 1,600MW US EPR reactor. The agreement also includes potential development of other Areva energy technologies such as concentrated solar power.

John Hutson, president of FNEG, said: “Our goal is to create a power-producing infrastructure that combines clean electric energy sources, including nuclear, solar and future technologies.”

Jacques Besnainou, CEO of Areva, said: “We look forward to helping to realize a clean energy park in California. This agreement with FNEG is an important step toward reaching our goal of developing a fleet of US EPR reactors, which will produce cost-effective, CO2-free electricity.

“Areva, which holds a complete renewable energy portfolio, is also pleased with the potential development of concentrated solar power generation as part of this clean energy park.”

FNEG and Areva are considering several sites. Once a site is selected, work will begin on the solar phase of the clean energy park. When complete, the solar and nuclear plants will produce clean electricity for approximately 1.6 million households.