The partnership will see the combination of the battery technology solution, power electronics and advanced controls of GE with Arenko’s experience in operating batteries in the UK and also its energy trading software platform.

GE Power energy storage global commercial & marketing executive Mirko Molinari said: “Arenko are pioneers in the commercialisation of energy storage systems: this collaboration cements two years of working together towards the shared vision of creating a battery storage solution which addresses the ever-changing needs of a modern energy system.”

Arenko has invested in the 41MW battery energy storage system, which will be supplied by GE.  

Expected to enter into operations later this year, the energy storage system is claimed to offer a quicker and more effective response compared to traditional energy technologies to cover real time demand of consumers.

The energy storage system will help the power grid to handle growing renewable energy generation and meet consumers’ changing energy demands apart from contributing towards a more secure energy network in the long run.

Additionally, the energy storage system will provide on demand electricity to nearly 100,000 UK homes and help in lowering energy bills for UK households and businesses.

The partners said that the reliability and performance of the battery system will be supported and protected by the long-term support from GE.

Arenko Group CEO Rupert Newland said: “This project is very significant in addressing the UK’s long-term energy security concerns, enabling the transition to a low carbon energy future.

“As a leading owner and operator of grid scale battery systems in the UK, we are delighted to have established this strategic alliance with GE to deliver large scale battery energy storage projects.”

Image: Illustration of the 41MW battery energy storage system to be supplied by GE. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.