“ARC is a leader in powerful consumer IP, which allows us to create custom features in our family of security chips that are unique from competitive solutions,” said Bowin Qiu, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Synochip Corp. “In this way Synochip creates a distinctive solution that achieves two goals. First with our chip in a portable device, the consumer can feel secure that his or her information cannot be compromised. Second, our OEM customers are assured they have a storage device that offers total security. And we have a predictable roadmap for our future offerings.”

“Security is an application well suited to an ARC solution, which produces a unique result for each customer,” said Carl Schlachte, president and CEO of ARC International. “ARC’s complete IP offerings provide tools needed to quickly and easily incorporate our microprocessors into Synochip’s SoC design and software to help them develop their security applications.”