The components of the lamps, which are built with LUXEON Rebel LEDs available in two- to five-module configurations for environments ranging from 3m high park roadway lighting to 10m high main road illumination, can be customized to meet energy saving requirements of different regions.

AOP used modular strategy to simplify production and assembly, lowering cost of Artemis series for the project with Future Lighting supplying AOP engineers with optimized LED count, current, forward voltage and heat management information, calculated with proprietary Future software tools.

AOP’s Artemis LED series can also be used in wall wash and architectural lighting projects, reflecting the ability of the core 24-LED Artemis module to adapt to different applications for providing energy savings.

AOP director of sales and marketing division Clint Yu said that energy-saving initiatives like those in China are driving the adoption of LED street lighting in particular with municipalities reaping the benefits of fewer bulb replacements and associated labor costs related to long LED life.