The delegation met representatives of Canadian diamond industry in Montreal, Toronto and Yellowknife.

Following the meet, Quebec based diamond mining company Stornoway Diamond hinted to commercialize its entire production from its Renard mine in Quebec through the trade center.

The Renard mine is estimated to produce 1.6 million carats of diamonds per year worth $304m, with production commencing in from the second half of 2017.

Antwerp World Diamond Centre CEO Ari Epstein said: "A number of legislative changes have ensured that the regional and local authorities, such as the Northwest Territories, have obtained wider competencies as concerns the mining industry.

"This mission was important for Antwerp as a diamond center because of these new political arrangements. The new political leaders confirmed and reinforced the strong current relationship."

Most of the diamond mines are located in Northwest Territories of Canada with largest being Dominion Diamond owned Ekati mine.

Other major diamond mines include Diavik mine owned by Rio Tinto and Dominion, Gacho Kué mine owned by De Beers and Mountain Province Diamonds and Snap Lake Mine owned by De Beers.

Currently, rough diamonds from Ekati and Diavik mines are commercialized on the Antwerp market.

Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) is a coordinating body and the official representative of the Antwerp diamond sector which supports diamond business through Antwerp trade hub.