Andritiz VA Tech Hydro has been awarded two contracts in India worth a total of US$302M for the complete electromechanical equipment for six Pelton and also supply four Francis units.

The vertical Pelton turbines are to be installed in the Teesta III hydropower project by August 2011. The nominal output of the plant will be 1200MW. The contract was awarded the contract for the electro-mechanical equipment by Teesta Urja Ltd. The value of the contract was not disclosed.

Jaiprakash Industries awarded the contract for the Francis units, which are to be installed at the 1,200MW Karcham Wangtoo plant on the Satluj river also by August 2011. The units are to be erosion resistant with ceramic coating because the river carries significant loads of sand during the rainy season. The contract value was not disclosed.

The orders came via the group’s local affiliates VA Tech Hydro India Pvt Ltd and VA Tech Escher Wyss Flovel Ltd.