In Ribeiradio, the main stage of the scheme, a nominal flow of 125m3/sec will be utilized with a net head of 65m. andritz will supply a Francis turbine with a runner diameter of 3.7m and a nominal output of 77MW. The Ermida power station will be equipped with two double-regulated compact axial turbines (1,950mm runner diameter and a nominal output of 3.8MW each). The scope of supply for both hydropower plants also includes synchronous generators, control systems, hydromechanical equipment, as well as electrical and mechanical auxiliary systems.

Andritz is working on the project as part of a consortium with Portuguese company Efacec Engenharia S.A., which is responsible for local supplies and services. This complies with the customer’s request for a high proportion of supplies and services from Portugal

Commissioning for the projects is planned for early 2014.