As per the agreed terms, Anaergia will design, build, own, operate and privately finance the renewable fuel facility that converts waste streams including municipal solid waste, food waste, sewage sludge, oils, and grease into renewable liquefied natural gas and refuse derived fuel.

These two renewable fuels can be used for the onsite energy generation or in Hawaii as an alternative to imported fossil fuels.

Anaergia’s solution will also divert around 85% of waste from the county’s landfill, reducing over 100,000 tons of greenhouse gases annually and creating local permanent jobs.

Commenting on the project, Maui mayor Alan Arakawa said that the county is aiming at reducing waste in the landfill, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by producing clean bio-fuel.

Anaergia Services president Arun Sharma said, "The Integrated Waste Conversion Project by the County of Maui has the potential to be the model of sustainability for North America while enabling significant economic development on the Island.

"We are proud to be selected by the County of Maui and look forward to be an active and supportive member of the community."