In addition to the 1.65 MW wind turbine designs, Hyundai Heavy Industries also has a contract with AMSC Windtec for 2 MW doubly fed induction wind turbine designs. Hyundai Heavy Industries’s marketing and sales rights for both wind turbines extend to most countries around the world, including those in North America.

“Leveraging our extensive heavy industry experience as well as AMSC Windtec’s proven wind turbine designs and customer support, Hyundai Heavy Industries has been able to produce its first wind turbine less than a year after licensing the design from AMSC Windtec,” said Young N. Kim, Senior Executive Vice President and COO, Hyundai Heavy Industries Electro Electric Systems. “We are pleased to announce that our renewable energy business is now entering an exciting new phase with the commencement of volume wind turbine production for the global market.”

Hyundai Heavy Industries installed and commissioned its first reference 1.65 MW wind turbine near its manufacturing facility in Ulsan, South Korea in June 2009. The company expects it will soon receive Germanischer Lloyd certification, and it plans to begin shipping wind turbines to customers by the end of 2009.

“As expected, Hyundai Heavy Industries has moved swiftly through the prototype phase and into volume production,” said AMSC founder and Chief Executive Officer Greg Yurek. “We are confident that Hyundai Heavy Industries’s aggressive business plan and global reputation for manufacturing excellence will enable them to be a key player in the wind power market. With production set to begin in their new wind turbine factory in Gunsan, South Korea this fall, we look forward to receiving additional orders from Hyundai Heavy Industries as they ramp up from their initial production platform.”