American Jianye Greentech has completed the conceptual design of its Suihua waste-to-fuel facility in Harbin, China.

American Jianye was collaborated with its joint venture partner, GeneSyst International, to construct waste-to-fuel plant, which is expected to be complete within the two years.

The plant will process in excess of 500,000 tons of garbage and one million tons of sewage per year and convert the waste into more than 100,000 tons of clean ethanol fuel and 35MW of power every year.

The Suihua facility at full capacity is expected to generate annual sales of approximately $100m.

American Jianye chairman and president Haipeng Wang said the company expects the Suihua waste-to-fuel plant to contribute an additional $25m to $30m of net income annually.

GeneSyst is organized to take commercial advantage of a new proprietary technology to convert organic, toxic, hazardous and carcinogenic wastes of modern society into environmentally harmless substances or products.

American Jianye Greentech is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of alcohol-based automobile fuel and civil-use fuel.