Alstom has signed a cooperation agreement with Dongfang Electric (DEC) to supply turbine and generator packages for Chinese nuclear projects, which use AP1000 reactors.

The turbine and generator packages will be based on Alstom’s Arabelle technology, which reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Alstom said that AP 1000 belongs to the Generation III pressurised water reactor and has been identified as one of the major standards for China’s future nuclear development.

Alstom chairman and chief executive Patrick Kron said the agreement demonstrates the confidence in the company’s nuclear products and technologies from both DEC and the Chinese industry.

The first contract under the agreement is anticipated to be signed soon.

Alstom, working in partnership with DEC, has supplied more than half of all the turbine and generator packages in the country, including both phases of Ling Ao, Taishan as well as Hongyanhe.