Alstom has been awarded a contract by transmission grid operator TenneT for the supply of a 300 MVAr mechanically switched capacitor with damping network (MSCDN1) to improve efficiency and voltage stability at the Karben electrical substation on the Frankfurt am Main network. The project is due for completion in 2015.

In the context of Germany’s Energiewende, network operators are being called on to provide cleaner electricity through a greater integration of both renewable and decentralised power sources. MSCDN technology gives TenneT access to a constant and high-quality supply of "switchable" reactive power. The flexibility of the MSCDN system means that it can support voltage levels when capacity is high, and simply be turned off when capacity is low.

Any voltage harmonics or oscillations are significantly reduced by the filter function. Optimised use of reactive power minimises electrical losses while reducing carbon emissions, and improves line capacity.

This will be the sixth Alstom MSCDN system ordered by TenneT. "Alstom expanded its long-term partnership with TenneT in 2006 to include MSCDNs" commented Jan-Hendrik von Auer, team leader for Power Electronics Activities at Alstom Grid in Berlin.

Alstom is the leading provider of MSCDN systems in Germany and has already installed ten systems with an overall reactive power of more than 3000 MVAr for the grids of operators TenneT TSO, Amprion and TransnetBW.