P60 Agile, Alstom's range of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) for smart distribution systems, has been launched.

Alstom Grid has launched P60 Agile, its new range of intelligent electronic devices providing ‘a comprehensive one-box solution for the complete protection, control, recording and measurement of electrical power systems.’ It is intended for use in smart distribution networks by utility operators and industry, and it extends the company’s offering, up to now available only to transmission grid operators. It complies with the IEC 61850 protocol providing IED interoperability for protection and control of all primary equipment connected to the power grids.
Automating electrical substations implies the automatic acquisition and processing of data coming from the IEDs installed inside the substation. This information will help to manage the protection devices and to make faster, more efficient decisions owing to better awareness of conditions at the substation. The P60 Agile range is described as a compact, single box, a versatile device fulfilling a comprehensive set of all-in-one functions. It offers a HMI featuring a large, fully-programmable and ergonomic colour touch-screen.
The new unit consists of the P161 non-directional feeder, P162 with directional earth-fault and P163 directionalised feeder management IEDs. Comprehensive switchgear control is aided by the dynamic single-line-diagram display, ON /OFF switching via the function keys and programmable bay and inter-bay interlocks. Up to five switchgear elements may be switched by P60 bay control models. The single line diagram for the bay or a subset of the substation, along with relevant data such as measurements or alarms, may be generated by the user via the unit’s configuration tool, aided by integrated graphical icons. Remote controls are facilitated by the relay’s SCADA communication interfaces.