The installation of new equipment and devices will improve the welding of turbine shafts and increase the productivity by 15% and reduce the consumption of energy by 20%.

The turbine factory manufactures complete steam turbines of various power output ranges and modules, and sub-assembles components and spare parts for steam power plants, gas power plants and nuclear power plants.

Alstom factory also machines all types of components and assembles turbines and turbosets of weights up to 120 tons and uses automated five-axle machining centers and computer-based measurement of blade profiles as technological solutions for manufacturing the turbines.

The factory also manufactures stationary and rotor blades made of different materials with the blades can measure up to 1,600 mm. in length.

The upgraded welding shop will be used to recover heat from technical processes, insulate walls and roof with thermal energy, and collect rainwater for sanitary purposes.