More self-contained than larger modular homes, ECOliving meets all International Residential Building Code requirements and can be placed on pilings or foundations. Because they are modular homes they arrive at the building site 80-85% complete and at set completion are weather tight and lockable.

Building ECOliving green modular homes in a climate controlled environment creates homes that are less prone to mold and are better sealed and insulated, thus improving overall air quality, energy performance and lowering energy costs. Energy demands of the homes are lowered by including passive solar techniques and then adding solar hot water, PV, wind, geothermal and other efficient heating and cooling options, thereby helping to reduce carbon footprints.

The ECOliving Series will feature a la carte energy options for new customization including, but not limited to, prepping for solar arrays and solar hot water heaters, closed cell spray foam insulation, radiant floor heating and living roofs. These options are in addition to the standard Energy Star plant certification specifications with which each and every Custom Modular Direct home is built.