The crystal measures 42.11 by 34.26 by 16.07 mm, and is translucent with a grey hue.

Traces of dissolution–tetragonal cavities, etching channels and caverns–are observed on the surface. The stone contains cracks filled with graphite and sulphide composition. The diamond is 4 Black Clivage/Makeable Grey.

The Nyurbinskoye placer deposit is localized in the immediate vicinity of the Nyurbinskaya pipe primary deposit, which is a source of diamonds. Sands from the deposit are processed in summer.

The share of this placer deposit in ALROSA Group’s production totaled 5% in 2015. Identified reserves under JORCcode as of January 1, 2015, amounted to 13.5 million carats.

Nyurba Mining and Processing Division operates at the Nakyn ore field and develops Nyurbinsky and Botuobinskyopen-pit mines, and same-name alluvial placers. In Q1 2016, the Division produced 2.16 million carats.