AEP Ohio is also planning to construct the new estimated 1.6-acre Gable Substation about 10 miles southwest of Steubenville, Ohio to increase the reliability of the electric transmission grid.

In addition to reducing the probability of outages, the new substation will speed restoration by dividing the existing transmission lines into smaller sections.

With the installation of the Gable Substation, AEP can better direct the flow of electric power.

AEP Ohio vice president distribution operations Selwyn Dias said: "This investment in Jefferson County ensures a reliable delivery of electricity to our customers today, and into the future."

"We are pleased to make this type of investment that is essential for homes, businesses and attracting new investments into the communities we serve."

Approximately $2m is planned for investment by the company in the Gable Substation with construction scheduled to begin in the spring 2015 and complete by the end of 2015.